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Student Stress

Mindup Lama, Staff Writer

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As exam dates are getting closer, anxiety and stress are buzzwords among students. They are spending hours and hours to get prepared for their finals.

“I am having a hard time getting my grades better,” said freshman Pooja Adhikari. “I have to spend most of my time at the library either studying or doing my assignments.”

Many teachers, friends and family believe that they encourage the student by saying, “If you don’t get an A-grade, you won’t get a job,” but that statement actually causes pressure for the individual.

Examinations are important, but they increase the stress level of students. This is further compounded by parental and teacher expectations. With high expectations of parents and teachers, students get more stressed as the exam dates get closer.

“I have been working late nights, drinking four to five cups of coffee to finish my presentation. I feel very tired, but as this presentation is a large grade on my finals, it is very important to me,” said Tai-Cheng Sung, major in business.

“I am going through my past papers. It makes me aware of the exam pattern, marking scheme, and helps me develop a good strategy to face the final exam,” said Samikshya Uprety, a freshman biology major.

All students are being told to get good grades, but no one tells them how. Students have teachers to guide them but they only show us the path, they don’t walk along with them. And at the end of each semester, we get tested to determine whether we fit for promotion to the next level or not, which gives every student the chill of tension and worries.

According to Thomas Edison, a single sheet of paper cannot decide ones future. This is true because whatever happens with your exam, you can still be successful in life afterwards. Try to keep things in perspective.

Think about how far you’ve come already. You’ve already done incredibly well to get into college, and failing exams at this point isn’t throwing away your past success. But there is still a long way to go and you need to work hard in order to reach there. So, get out of your stressful mind and start preparing right away. I wish everyone best of luck!

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Your University, Your News, Your Life
Student Stress