Why Hillary Clinton should be the next president of the United States


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Who is Hillary Clinton? She isn’t just a 2016 presidential candidate. She is an advocate for women’s and children’s rights, an experienced diplomat, and a person much like us.

Clinton was born in 1947 to a middle class conservative family. She received her bachelor’s at Wellesley College and her master’s at Yale. She then went on to serve on the Children’s Defense Commission, as the first lady of Arkansas, first lady of the United States, Senator of New York, as a goodwill ambassador for the U.S. along with working with various other charities, and legal work.

It is her lifetime of experiences that have shaped the policies she speaks of today. Her key issues include immigration, abortion and foreign policy. These policies will be important in determining the success of our nation in the next four years and beyond.

Clinton’s work as the secretary of state has given her key experience in the field of immigration reform. Clinton believes that immigration laws in the United States should be changed to make immigration laws less complex, and the immigration process shorter.

Clinton’s immigration reform would make it easier for the U.S. government to determine who is a citizen, and who is eligible to live/work in the U.S. because everyone deserves a chance to live the American dream.

Hillary has been a champion for women’s rights whether it be the pay gap or abortion. Her stance on abortion is that women have the right to control their own bodies. She has made it clear that she will oppose every effort to restrict women’s access to healthcare including safe, legal abortions. She has stood firmly in support of organizations such as Planned Parenthood that ensure these services are safe and accessible.

Clinton’s stance on foreign policy and her experience in the matter is unmatched. It is her belief that the United States should maintain our leadership in the world which includes keeping our military up to date, strengthening alliances, being firm yet wise with our rivals, defeating ISIS, and enforcing the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Clinton has advocated that the only way to ensure the defeat of ISIS is to band together with our allies and dismantle their networks across the world. According to her, it is only through cooperation with our fellow nations that we can ensure that the threats to democracy and freedom remain defeated.

Once again, who is Hillary Clinton? She is an advocate, she is a defender of women and children, and she is a person. A person who will steer this country in the direction that needs to be headed.

As we enter into a new era in American politics, it is important that we remain progressive. That we don’t revert back to the beliefs of the 20th century and before. America is moving forward. Are you with her?

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