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Boy Scouts allows girls into organization


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There’s been a large amount of controversy lately since the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) announced earlier this month that they will be allowing girls to join and earn every rank within their organization.

This created a lot of backlash online about the group, as they suddenly became inclusive after over one hundred years of only allowing males to join. Even the Girls Scouts have voiced their displeasure at the prospect of girls join the ranks of the BSA.

As a former Boy Scout myself, I can certainly see where people are coming from. Change is difficult. But, as a brother and a future father, I give this decision my full support.

I think what people fail to realize is just how different Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts really are. My younger sister was a Girl Scout at the same time I was a Boy Scout, and she will fully admit that the best experiences in high adventure and character building that she had in scouting came from the few times that she was allowed to tag along on a family trip with my troop.

This isn’t to belittle the Girl Scouts and the work that they do. It’s just important for everyone to realize that the two offer vastly different experiences.

My own experience as a Boy Scout was awesome. I feel that it helped to improve both my character and my leadership skills. I wouldn’t want to deny anyone the opportunities that were given to me simply because they are not male.

Our country needs more future leaders, and if this change will help to create more, then I say, it’s about time.

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Boy Scouts allows girls into organization