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Student senate committee is finding cheaper textbooks


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This semester the Finance and Special Issues Committee has been working diligently on textbook affordability.
We began with investigating Open Education Resources (OER), which are textbooks and other resources available for free for students to use. Our goal was to offer this as a solution to the faculty and staff at SMSU to drive down the cost of textbooks.
However, we discovered an entirely new avenue of resources, called Courseware, available through Barnes and Nobles and their sister company, LoudCloud. These resources are much like those offered by Cengage Brain or McGraw Hill, in that they provide an online platform for students to go into to read course material, take practice quizzes and many other useful things.
But what separates the Courseware from the others is that it is much more affordable than rival companies’ products. Students would be able to purchase Courseware for $50 per class, and $15 for the textbook.
Barnes and Nobles presented Courseware to the faculty on Nov. 30, and we are optimistic that we can bring Courseware and other affordable options to the SMSU campus soon.
Also, I will be presenting at the upcoming faculty meeting on Dec. 7 to offer personal examples to the faculty, with the intention of raising awareness of expensive textbook costs, and bring SMSU students’ voices to the faculty.
Again, we are very optimistic to bring real change to campus and create more affordable textbook options for our students.

Committee Chair, Donavan Phoenix

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Student senate committee is finding cheaper textbooks