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Upheaval for fans in Philadelphia

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Upheaval for fans in Philadelphia


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When Vikings fans headed to Philadelphia to watch their team try and make it to the Super Bowl I’m sure they expected to run across a few rude fans. But I doubt they expected to have beer bottles thrown at them, obscenities hollered and crudeness of character everywhere.

If you haven’t already seen or heard the horror stories about what some fans went through, I suggest you go on Facebook and search it.

Of two that I read, one was about a girl who got her hair pulled by Eagle’s fans around her whenever they scored a touchdown and then she got screamed at in the face once they won. The other was about a fan’s baby getting yelled ‘F-you’ to, because they dressed it in Vikings gear.

After the Vikings loss, of course the Eagles fans went crazy (as expected, any fan would), but instead of celebrating happily to themselves, many went out of their way to gloat over Vikings fans.

The one slightly humorous aspect to this comes from how Vikings fans acted towards the Saints when we beat them two weekends ago, to how the Eagles fans treated Vikings fans once we lost to them this weekend.

Minnesota raised over 200,000 for the Saint’s punters organization What You Give Will Grow, while Philadelphia lowered people’s tolerance level of their state and their actions.

Minnesota may have had a really, really bad loss, but at least we were able to maintain our dignity through our words and actions off the field.

The players can always come back next year and do better, but even if Eagle’s fans did that, everyone would still remember how they acted this year.

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Upheaval for fans in Philadelphia