Observations about Hawaiian Night from a Super Senior


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The close of Hawaiian Night is signaled as the hangovers start to fade, and we gradually start going back to our negative degree-weather-selves. Perhaps one of the biggest party nights of the school year, Hawaiian Night allows us students a chance to kick back, have a drink, and pretend we are somewhere on a beach where it’s 72 degrees and always sunny.

Being a big part of SMSU for some time now, students usually go all out in their preparations for this night and bring a roar of thunderous cheers to accompany the traditional Hawaiian Night Basketball Game. Most teams can’t handle the heat of Hawaiian Night, causing a win for the Mustangs, and a reason for us to party harder.

There’s a lot to know if you aren’t familiar with the holiday. For example, the party starts at the crack of dawn for most of us, and ends at about three or four in the afternoon if you don’t pace yourself. If you do manage work through all of that, you still have a long ways to go.

Aside from the day drinking, there are some necessities you need to have in order to have a successful night. First off, if you don’t have any Hawaiian gear, get some. If you needed a better reason to wear a Hawaiian shirt, socks and sandals, shorts, and a flower necklace in negative five degree weather, you won’t find one. The outfit makes everything.

Second of all, Hawaiian Night may be a great night to have fun, but you also have to remember to be safe. Despite the misleading outfits, its still Marshall, MN in the midst of Winter. Plan how you are going from house party to house party, and always get a sober ride.

Nobody wants to be that person, walking in the cold, resulting in a poor Sunday morning.

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