A recommendation to take advantage of campus events


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When was the last time you attended a campus event? Why did you attend? Did you learn or find anything interesting?

I ask these questions because there are many great opportunities within the campus that you should take advantage of more. Events such as a keynote speaker coming to share their story are meant to benefit students.

Different events hold different purposes and could possibly spark new interest, motivation and inspiration. The available resources are there to help students find opportunities.

College is the time to try new things and take risks because there is so much to explore. Opportunities can come in odd and unexpected ways. There is always something to gain from attending campus events.

Many times, students go to events to receive extra credit for a class instead of having the intention of attending simply because they want to. This can lead to disengagement, so they may be missing out on beneficial information. Some students are asking themselves “why am I here,” while other students, who may not have wanted to attend, realized that the event was worth it.

These events are there for a reason, whether to inform, inspire, give you food for thoughts or just to have fun. They are there for your learning and growth.

Just a couple of weeks ago I attended an AOS sponsored event. Jesse Ross, a motivational speaker, came to SMSU to give advice and motivate students. I knew that this event would be beneficial to me as we college students often are stressed. I intended to go, but on that day I was feeling extremely exhausted, so I almost didn’t attend. I remember thinking about how much I needed something like that though. I debated and at the end I pushed myself to go.

It was worthwhile, and I wished some of my friends were there to hear the great things Ross said. He shared his story and talked about a variety of things such as taking responsibility of ourselves, our lives.

  So, look for opportunities and take advantage of all that is offered on campus to you.

Sometimes, as college students we don’t take the extra effort to use resources that will open new options for us. It could be that we don’t believe that a certain program or event will be of any value to us. It could also be that our motivation is down. Or, it could be that we’re simply just not trying hard enough. But when we engage with our campus and community, we add to our college experience.

Students can be engaged by involving themselves in clubs, organizations, programs and events. This will make the college experience so much better. It’s one of the first steps to connect with more than just the campus. So, why not go to an event, join a club, be active, and put yourself out there? One can only grow.

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