SMSU’s new art professor


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Anne Wedler is the newest fine arts professor on campus.

What brought Wedler to SMSU was our student-professor relationships, the programs offered here, and her belief that Minnesota has a great schooling system.

Wedler comes to SMSU from St. Louis sepcifcially, but has studied in multiple locations around the Midwest.

She studied her Bachelor of the Fine Arts degree in painting at Missouri State University. After graduating, she continued to stay in the Midwest by studying her Masters of the Fine Arts degree in painting at Indiana University.

The reason Wedler chose to study art is because she enjoys how it has so many correct answers to how to do it.

Wedler also likes how art is engaging and that it provides a hands learning experience.

Her favorite medium to use is oil paints. She finds the colors to be rich, stable, and last over long periods of time.

“The king of painting,” is what Wedler called it.

Something that Wedler is excited to bring to SMSU is a structured and systematic approach to her classrooms.

She also has a background in observational narrative figure painting. She hopes to teach this in each of her classes.

One other hope she has for her students is to teach them to be observant, “teach them to see,” and give them the experience and tools they need to express themselves with visual language.

To get an idea as to what her classes may contain, Wedler brough some of her creations in the visual language to SMSU.

They can be found on the first floor of the BA building inside of the glass displays.

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