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Cru Members Prepare for Summer Projects


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As the 2013 school year comes to an end, many college students are getting jobs lined up for the summer. Austin O’Haha, Mariah Paden, Michael Sterling, and Sara Popowski, along with many other students across the country, have a much bigger plan: Cru Summer Project.

All four of the students have applied and been accepted to go. These projects challenge students into a deep, life-long personal walk with God. It’s an opportunity for the students to travel, develop leadership skills, and build friendships. There are many different locations students can choose from, including big cities, beach towns and mountainous regions. O’Hara and Sterling have plans to go to Disney World in Florida, Paden is going to Lake Tahoe, Calif., and Popowski is headed to Wildwood, N.J.

So what will they be doing while on Summer Project? Paden said she will be gaining the tools needed to share God’s word in the work environment. Popowski will be leading bible studies, helping lead women’s time, and shepherding over a select group of women to help them grow in their faith.

Both Paden and Popowski have gone on Summer Projects before and are excited to go again. Popowski will be making a return to New Jersey, while Paden is going on an all-new adventure. They both agree that there are many benefits to going. According to Paden, growing in faith, gaining confidence to share God’s love with others and learning about your relationship with God are some of many reasons for participating in the Summer Project.

Popowski adds, “You are extremely stretched in faith. It’s a community that is super tight knit and very loving; you really learn how to live as a follower of Christ in everyday life.”

Besides that, you make amazing memories. One of Popowski’s favorite memories from her last Summer Project was the last night of worship. That night, all 58 students came together and connected with both God and each other at the same time. People were brought to tears of both excitement to be together and sadness of leaving each other. At the end they remembered that, one day, they’ll be reunited in heaven. Paden also has a number of great memories from the last summer project, a trip to a Native American reservation in Montana, and enjoyed learning about their culture.

Both of them are excited for the summer and have a lot to look forward to. When asked what they are looking forward to most, Paden said, “Sharing the love I have of God with others.” Popowski says “It’s a milestone of life you are visiting again. It will be awesome to be in that place where I once grew so much and I know I’ll grow again. I’m excited to see what God’s going to do.”


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Your University, Your News, Your Life
Cru Members Prepare for Summer Projects