The Honor Society Hoax


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If you’re like me, you might have checked your SMSU email over the summer, especially nearing the new semester, and if you did, you might have noticed an email from the Honor Society from honorsociety. org. At first glance it seems legitimate. It includes an organized and working website, a YouTube page with actual people talking about the website, and just has an overall authenticity.

But it’s fake.

The website sends you an email and tells you that you are eligible to be a member and that all you have to do is pay the membership fee. The Honor Society is an elaborate hoax to scam collage students out of money. They’re trying to mimic the National Honor Society, which also asks for money to be a member. Many students have received emails regarding this Honor Society, and many of them probably fell for it. Just remember to check up on any suspicious emails, especially if they ask for money or personal information.

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