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Mental Health Awareness Week continues


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As the discussion on mental health awareness progresses, SMSU has been doing its part to contribute. During the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, Fresh Check Day brought awareness of mental health resources on campus. To finish the year, the Forensics Team has planned a variety of events.

“Mental illness is an issue all of us may face at some point in time, so having the tools we need when it happens is crucial,” said Julie Walker, Assistant Director of Forensics and Assistant Professor of Communication Studies.

The team is working with several organizations, like Avera and Residence Life, to make these events possible.

“We’re just excited to be another voice on campus normalizing mental health care,” said Walker.

Planned programs include having representatives from Avera speak about behavioral health, an eating disorder presentation by the exercise science department, and a terminology bingo on April 21, with prizes for the winners.

“It’s hard to seek help, especially if you come from a family who do not support seeking mental health [help],” Walker said. “But it’s important.”

The goals of the events are to shed the stigma behind mental illnesses, encourage people with mental illnesses to seek help, and educate people on how to spot signs of a mental illness.

“We need to consider how others who may have mental illness around us need our support,” said Walker. “It’s our responsibility as caring citizens to take care of one another, especially those who are at a vulnerable place.”

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Mental Health Awareness Week continues