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March for DREAM Act


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We the people march. We have a strong voice. The message we bring is one of hope, unity, support.
DACA was a beacon of hope for many undocumented children who were told that they could be anything they wished when they grew up. Unfortunately for them, those dreams were limited.
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) was a program created by President Obama in 2012, to aid the children born inside of the United States and that are considered undocumented. It provided them with the opportunity to seek higher education. Some could even work. DACA covered many people, 800,000 exactly. Those dreams were starting to become possible.
Sadly, the new president has decided to phase it out of existence come Mar. 8, 2018. And with that, no new replacement bill has come through yet to represent those 800,000 souls. They are about to lose their jobs, houses, families and most devastatingly, are facing a deportation warrant. Imagine growing up and this is all you know, this house, this school, this city, this state, this country?

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March for DREAM Act