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All-University Meeting Recap


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The All-University Meeting on Jan. 18, this past Thursday, featured only one item on its agenda: enrollment. Most recently there has been increasing talk of a budget crises, but this too points back to the underlying issue of a sharp decline in enrollment. The meeting was really a gathering of initial ideas about how to bring the student population back up.

Reward academic students

A popular one was to grant free room and board to high school graduates in the top 5% of their class

Increase campus attractiveness

Options hinted at included a greater attention to aesthetic appeal and doing of sweep of the campus, installing state-of-the-art technology. Others included ways of making online courses more accessible and increasing online options.

Inclusivity and diversity

A great emphasis was also placed on finding ways to make the campus more inclusive.

Faculty and staff are interested in ideas from students as well, and welcome any ideas that create a greater learning environment at SMSU.

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All-University Meeting Recap