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Public Safety responds to campus vandalism


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In the past 18 months, vandalism has caused costly damage to the Commons’ buildings and to some of the students on campus. After the last occurrence this fall Jessica Bentley, the assistant director of Residential Life, and Mike Munford, Public Safety Director, decided to lock up the Commons buildings at midnight each day.

“There were two incidents [last spring] where Commons West was broken into,” said Bentley. “The door was kicked in at the bottom, and individuals took items. The second time nothing was taken, but again they kicked in the door, causing damage.”

About six months after this act of vandalism to Commons West, Commons Central was also damaged. However, what happened in Commons Central was much more expensive.

“A fire extinguisher was discharged all over, and the General Maintenance Worker’s (GMWs) are still working to clean that,” said Bentley. “Plus, the card reader in there was completely damaged. It’s an expensive piece of equipment to replace.”

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Public Safety responds to campus vandalism