ISO elect new board members


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The International Student Organization (ISO) held its annual election on Thursday, September 6, for its board members, including the election of the President of the club. The victorious candidate, Rabina Saud, is the 19th president of the student-run club; the elected board will preside over club matters for two following semesters.

President Saud will lead the newly elected board members consisting of Moses Ogundipe (Vice President), Kamal West (Secretary), Olayemi Agbolade (Treasurer), Eileen Huang (Event Coordinator), Idayat Agunbiade (Event Coordinator), and Abidemi Folounso (Event Coordinator). The election in which 80 people voted, President Saud defeated the incumbent candidate with 56% of the votes.

ISO is known for organizing events that bring forth cultural baggage of the international students from different parts of the globe, giving domestics students an opportunity to experience and learn about the differences and diversity that exist in this world. It also brings comfort to the international students for the opportunities to share and recreate experiences that keep them close to their faraway homes. We all know and are fond of the Food Festival, just one of the events ISO puts on, that broadens the horizons of the taste buds with each bite we take. Over the years, ISO has been successful in organizing memorable events gathering more attention from not just international students, but from domestic students as well. ISO also organizes events like homecoming, pumpkin carving, Halloween etc, in an effort to give international students experience of American culture and festival.

President Saud said in an interview that “We want to focus on increasing the participation of the international and the domestic students in the ISO events.” The new president and the board aim to continue the rich tradition of introducing such events and promise to bring in new ideas to help the international students in their pursuit of education in the United States. We would like to congratulate the elected ISO board and wish for better endeavors ahead.

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