Going the Distance

Hannah Kiges, Variety Editor

In our internet age, long distance relationships are becoming more and more commonplace, and technology is helping keep couples together. However, there are numerous hurdles you must jump both in and outside of the relationship to get through it. Whether you’re apart because of school, work, zombie apocalypses, or you were just never in the same place to begin with, you can overcome the distance.

“But it’s not real,” is a statement I’ve encountered regularly when explaining my long distance relationship. For a lot of people, the fact you aren’t physically together at all times means that somehow the relationship is invalid. But is a marriage invalid when one partner goes on a business trip? Or are your family members that live in California somehow less of your family because they’re not here with you? The stigma attached to distance is something that can drive a lot of couples apart.  It’s important to remember that the only people who have any say over what your relationship is or isn’t are you and your partner.

Just because your times physically together might be short and possibly far between doesn’t mean you can’t spend time together. Regular Skype or FaceTime (try the app “Tango” for Android users on the go) sessions can be a relationship-saver. Playing video games together, or even Skyping while you watch a movie together are good ways to get in normal hang-out sessions otherwise missed.

Temptations can play a big part in any relationship no matter the distance, whether it’s giving in or avoiding them and “what they don’t know won’t hurt them” often fails miserably. If emotional commitment is more important than physical fidelity you might want to look into open relationships. Otherwise, check yourself before you wreck yourself, my friend. If you’re having trouble staying honest with your significant other, re-evaluate your relationship. It’s not worth it if you’re going to risk it all for a brief hook-up. Even if you just need to pause things for a little while, it’s better than destroying the relationship indefinitely.

Distance is hard, but it’s also temporary. If you handle the trials and tribulations of a long distance relationship, chances are most other things will seem like a piece of cake in your relationship. It’s not for the faint of heart, but let’s face it, neither is love.