Hannah Kiges, Variety Editor

Long gone are the days of moomoos, ill fitting slacks, and oversized t-shirts. So why are so many plus sized girls turning to them? Whatever term you prefer, fat, curvy, corpulent, plus sized, big, round, voluptuous, wide, chances are if you’re over a size 16, finding flattering and cute clothes is a challenge.

There are other challenges to dressing shapely bodies, the most apparent being society and media are repeatedly telling us we can’t be sexy, show skin, nor can we wear form fitting clothing. And to that I say: Poppycock.

One of my favorite clothing companies right now is Domino Dollhouse. They might be a little eccentric for some, but they generally blend fabulous style with vintage and modern influences to create a wide range of styles at reasonable prices. They even have bikinis up to a size 28. Short skirts, sheer tops, and darling lingerie make this site perfect for the daring ladies.

A classic standby is Torrid. catering from size 14-28 they have every style and fit imaginable. I get most of my jeans and pants from here. They are a bit pricey but well worth it. But Torrid offers a lot of the old big girl comfort clothes too. Loose and unflattering.

Don’t buy clothes too small because you want to be that size, it’s unflattering. If the number on the tag is what’s scaring you, cut it off or block it out. The better fitting clothes will make you look and feel better! Same goes for baggy clothes, too big is too big. You’re not hiding your frame, just making it look bigger.

A big concern of most people’s is what others will think. If I heeded every time a little old lady told me my skirt was too short, or my blouse too low cut, or a guy thought my style “only belonged on regular/thin girls,” I would dress like a nun and never leave my house. If you think you look good, and you feel good, that’s all that matters.