Christopher Dorner: What Really Happened?

Andrea Gladney, Staff Writer

In recent weeks, former police officer, Christopher Dorner has been the center of media attention due to his many criminal charges and eventual death.

According to news reports, Dorner was dismissed from the LAPD in September of 2008 for allegations of police brutality on a mentally handicapped suspect. Earlier this month, Dorner allegedly embarked on a series of shootings and eluding police. On February 11, 2013 formal charges were filed against Dorner for the murder of a police officer and the attempted murder of three other officers.

Days before the allegations came about, Dorner posted what is now known as his manifesto on Facebook discussing his history, motivation, and plans. In his manifesto, Dorner argued that his termination was in retaliation for accusations he made regarding race and excessive force against the LAPD.

With such a huge case, it’s expected that everyone develops opinions and theories regarding what really happened. Some feel as if Dorner was simply a cruel animal, while others believe he was targeted because he knew too much. Though multiple aspects of this situation provoke the thought process.

Dorner was the first target of airborne drones on U.S soil which is strange considering there are criminals in history that have done things far worse. If Dorner committed the crimes he was accused of then it’s only right that justice be served, but the extent that officials went to in order to capture him make the situation suspicious. Is it because he murdered police officers? Are their lives more valuable than our everyday citizens?

Dorner was pronounced dead on February 12, 2013 due to a gunshot wound to the head which was said to be self-inflicted. His violent rampage against the law may be over but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t left others to think and consider what really happened.