Why Won’t the Weather Change to Better fit my Needs?

Katie Stromme, Editor-in-Chief

I’m not even going to start out with the unnecessary rhetorical “is-anyone-else-sick-of-this” question. Obviously. Obviously we’re all over this disgusting, dreary winter weather that’s been creeping steadily into our spring months and killing our hopes for May flowers. With more snow in the forecast for later this week, it’s beginning to feel like the sun is always going to be just a few days in the future. I’m beginning to wonder if the graduating seniors will be kicking their way through the snow on commencement day (maybe that’s why it’s held inside). Grey skies and dirty slush everywhere can turn any realist into a pessimist—and make us pessimists even more tired of hearing about how warmer days are no doubt “soon to come.” I don’t have any advice, I guess: my best solution so far has been to indulge in fantasies of tropical weather by cranking up the thermostat and watching the Travel channel. I’ll continue to fight by wearing unseasonable, tacky, bright colors and doing head nods to all the brave folks wearing flip-flops. And no, I’m not yet ready to quit bitching and moaning. I’m just warming up.