The Condom Challenge?

Andrea Gladney, Staff Writer

I am convinced that stupidity is a virus that has taken over the youth of America. There is no other reason as to why the latest fad involves people choosing to snort condom’s through their nose.

The condom challenge is the current trend on the internet. People all over the world are recording themselves snorting condoms up their nose and pulling them out of their mouths and uploading it to youtube.

The internet has produced a million and one ridiculous trends including the cinnamon challenge, coning, and cupping. But the condom challenge is by far the worst. All of these Youtube challenges share one common similarity besides pure stupidity though. None of them serve a purpose. These videos have garnered millions of hits. Who started the trend is unclear but I’m sure the people participating have no solid reason for doing so either. The things people do to create viral hits nowadays is getting out of hand.

The condom challenge is disturbing, gross, and dangerous. I’d imagine it’s not that difficult for this situation to take a wrong turn. It’s possible that the condom could get stuck in someone’s throat.  But something tells me these kids aren’t taking that into consideration.

What makes it even worse is that a majority of the comments on these videos fail to acknowledge how stupid the entire situation is. Most of them are supportive, for lack of a better word, which is surprising.

Maybe it’s time to just accept that we live in a world where choking on cinnamon, eating tampons, and snorting condoms up your nose are seen as fun activities. I have no choice but to accept it but I will never understand it.