The Harlem Shake: You’re Doing it Wrong!

Andrea Gladney, Staff Writer

Pause!!! As awesome as going viral may be, don’t post that video of you and your friends doing the “harlem shake,” because chances are you’re doing it wrong.

For those of you living under a rock, the Harlem Shake is a rather ridiculous song and dance.

Over the past couple weeks, it’s taken over the internet. Whether it be it’s position on the charts or the many hit video’s on Youtube, it’s practically unavoidable.

But with everything popular comes some form of controversy. In this case, that controversy comes straight from Harlem residents who feel disrespected by the mocking of their culture. The video “Harlem Reacts to Harlem Shake Video’s” has recently hit the web and sheds light on the controversial movement.

“That’s not the Harlem Shake at all. That’s humping and that’s not the Harlem Shake at all,” said one resident. “I think they’re misinformed,” said another.

Since many have forgotten, allow me to refresh your memory.

The Harlem Shake is actually a dance originated in Harlem that was made popular in the early 2000’s, mostly by rappers. The Harlem Shake that’s popular right now is a completely different dance.

Though the pelvic thrusts and seemingly drunken body bounces may be fun, it’s not the Harlem Shake. I’m not even sure it’s dancing but that’s an argument for another day. This is just another excuse to make a mockery out of something in order to gain attention.

No real harm is being done due to this trend but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

The-so called dance is pointless enough as it is, but add that to the fact that it’s a terrible copy cat of a past popular trend makes it worse.

The chances of anyone actually caring enough to stop the madness that is the Harlem Shake are minimal, but at least be aware of the fact that you’re doing it wrong.