What’s With The Weather…

Kim Watkins, Editor-In-Chief

So it’s that lovely time of year again – the time when everyone loves to just complain about this “unusual weather we’re having.” As if it’s much of a surprise.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to talk endlessly about Minnesota’s lovely weather cycle just as much as that lying meteorologist we see on the tv box, but I realize that we live in a place that can easily be a frozen tundra one minute and a overheated tanning bed the next.

The complaints won’t stop, but everyone should take a step back and realize this is what we deal with EVERY year. This year isn’t any more special than the last. Colder…maybe. Snowier…doesn’t beat the record. Crappier…well, we’ll just say that every year so we can continue to moan about the endless winter.

March and April in Minnesota are always going to bring us a lovely sunshiny day…and then it will just slam us with a freezing rain storm the next.

This is Minnesota. We’ve dealt with it before. We’ll do it again.