Avoiding Stress During Finals Week

Julia Fink, Staff Writer

With finals just around the corner, I’m sure many of us are going into panic mode with lots of last minute cramming, staying up late finishing papers we should have started weeks ago and eating junk food to sustain us long enough until we actually have time to make a decent meal. Luckily for us we are not the only ones who have ever had to deal with the stress of preparing for final exams.  Here are a few tips from other students as well as experts on how to get the best out of these last few weeks leading up to finals.

When asked what advice she would give others on preparing for finals, Andrea Fuerstenberg, a science major, responded, “ Sleep on your books in the library, osmosis.” While this is clearly a humorous gest, according to study done in 2008 by Pamela Thacher who is a professor of Psychology at St. Lawrence University, stated, “all-nighters impair reasoning and memory for as long as 4 days.”  Therefore, contrary to what most of us think, a key to doing well is getting enough rest, after you have thoroughly studied of course.

When asked what she does to help her prepare for finals, Leah Bernard responded, “Eat peppermint.” Studies have shown that eating peppermint can help your memory and keep you calm. In fact, there is scientific proof that, peppermint scent significantly increases oxygen saturation and blood pressure, which results in physiological arousal. Blood brings oxygen to your brain, so if peppermint increases the amount of oxygen in your blood and then increases your blood pressure, more oxygen travels to your brain. The more oxygen available to your brain, the better your concentration and focus.

Another key factor to passing finals is you have to show up and take them. This requires you living long enough to do so. Therefore, to do well you must not neglect your physical health. I myself have found that when I am stressed I tend to eat foods that are quick and easy. However, if you eat foods that contain a lot of carbs it will leave you tired and unable to focus. Therefore, you should eat foods that take longer to digest such as, whole grains, nuts, raw vegetables, etc. Exercising can also help boost your energy and give you a little break. Going on a walk can help clear your mind and make it easier for you to focus.

As you can see, in order to do well we must take care of ourselves. Hopefully these tips will help you distress and do your best on your finals. Good luck!