Trump’s credible sources

On March 23, The Atlantic published an article worrying about the message that President Trump is sending the U.S. When the president says it, that means it’s true.

Well, wait, President Trump doesn’t just say things. He has always followed his comments with a plethora of support. Sometimes, it seems, hardly a sentence gets said before President Trump has offered up his source(s). Apparently, the excitement of sharing what he’s researched is just too much.

When asked about his statements regarding his electoral margin, President Trump was ready with the facts, saying, “that’s what I was told.”

When asked about unemployment, in any area, President Trump is always one step ahead, citing, “I’ve seen the numbers.”

For anything else, President Trump has also laid his basis of support, “what I say is what I say.”

Elsewhere, President Trump has insisted “you know” and “everybody knows,” because, of course, if everybody knows then there’s no need to question it.

When the president says it, that means it’s true. That means President Trump’s strongest and most reliable source is himself. When President Trump starts with “I know,” everybody knows that what follows can only be the most researched and fact-checked comment of the night. If it comes before almost every sentence, no doubt all of it is above reproach.

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