SMSU Planning Committee loves last-minute ideas

Many SMSU students, faculty, staff and alumni have been making plans to attend SMSU’s 50th anniversary celebration and are dreading the end of the festivities.

One group of individuals, however, could not be more ecstatic as the end of the celebration draws near: the 50th anniversary planning committee.

The committee was formed at the onset of SMSU’s illustrious career. It may not be the most well-known committee, but it is the most important.

From the moment the committee was formed, members were expected to plan a celebration for each quarter century of the university’s existence.

Information is unclear if SMSU celebrated its 25th anniversary, but it’s probably safe to say that the planning committee dropped the ball on that one.

One committee member, Smithy Swormsen, believed it would be an educational experience to organize an event like this.

“My grandfather was on the original committee, and he passed the position down to my father and mother, and they passed their positions down to me and my siblings.

“Actually, I’m related to most of the people on the committee. But, I was given the impression that we would really just have to hire some people and that would be that. Just hire some entertainment and catering and we’ll be done,” Swormsen said.

Swormsen went on to say that he completely understands why there might not have been a 25th anniversary celebration.

“Everyone has such great ideas when it comes to the planning, but when those ideas are proposed at the last minute, as opposed to six months ago when I first asked for them, there’s not a whole lot the committee can do with them.”

Other committee members, who wished to remain nameless, said that they were excited for everything to be over.

“I’d really like to get more than 20 minutes of sleep in a week,” one said.

Another stated that he hasn’t seen his wife or children for three months because he was drafting Stanger’s contract for extra public appearances during the anticipated Homecoming Week.

Swormsen already has plans for the 100th anniversary; “I won’t be here. I’m

never planning anything again. Instead, I’ll be on vacation that entire month.”

On a serious note, we at The Spur would like to sincerely thank the planning committee for all of their hard work making this an enjoyable event.