Pennywise visits campus, leaves tell tale red balloon

There’s been a lot of hype across the nation about the newest It remake. The movie was met with mixed feelings, so the antagonist of the movie, Pennywise, decided to make his way across the country to talk about it.

Typically, a lot of misery follows Pennywise. However, when he came to the SMSU campus recently, he was met with nothing but silence.

To be honest, he hadn’t announced this tour, or that he was going to come to campus. However, he said that this was one of the best turnouts he’s had.

“Sometimes when people know that I’m coming to their area, they get really angry and decide that threatening me is the best way to get me to leave,” he said.

This article won’t reveal what is the best way to get rid of a clown infestation.

“Clowns are people too, folks. Not all clowns want to terrify an entire town. Sometimes life just takes you there. You think I enjoy doing what I do? Don’t answer that,” Pennywise said.

It’s unclear when exactly Pennywise left campus, but he made sure to leave behind a signature item.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a clown infestation, please call your local clown school. Instructors are always needed.

This article was not sponsored by red balloons.