In Response to “In Defense of Meat, Dairy, and American Agriculture”

Thank you to Isabella Erickson for responding to “The Things I Boycott,” and bringing up some good points. “The Things I Boycott” was simply to bring awareness to some commonly recognized issues and to “be critical of the products you consume” as mentioned.I am aware that some meat and dairy can be good dietary wise and that not all farms operate the same, however, I am still lactose intolerant and will still avoid meat all the same.

While doing research for “The things I Boycott” I visited a career fair focused around the field of agriculture and learned that many of the local and international farms are changing the way they operate, but some farms still have a long way to go. I also understand that smaller farms are almost completely reliant on how much product they can produce and sell. “The Things I Boycott” was never meant to dissuade the support of these farms or agriculture in general, but merely to show that we as consumers need to be more aware of the products we are buying, where these products come from, and that there are aspects of this industry that need to change.

I also appreciate you calling me out on my loaded language regarding the gas chambers and will strive to remove such phrases in the future. Regarding “animals are not humans, and the suffering of animals, while reprehensible and opposed by just about everyone, does not, in anyway, compare to the suffering of real humans.” Yes, animals are not humans, but I encourage everyone to watch Kristen Leo’s video “The Meat and Dairy Industry Exposed in 5 Minutes” and the documentary “FLOW” that explains what still goes on in the agriculture industry and the effects that they are having on the world.