SMSU Welcomes Hockey: New coach, John Dough, weighs in on being chosen for the top spot in Minnesota’s most exciting sport

Amber Casperson, A&E Editor

The time has come, hockey fans! You asked for it, and we listened. Southwest Minnesota State University is getting a boy’s hockey team. SMSU has finally decided to put the Marshall indoor ice rink to good use. Practice will be held there on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and every other Saturday.

John Dough, 29, was hired as head coach for the new SMSU boy’s hockey team. Fresh out of a Canadian university, he appeared to be excited about his new position for the hockey team.

“I’ve been trying to coach hockey ever since I graduated from the University of Ottawa back in 2008,” said Dough. “Hockey was always my favorite sport, and I was captain of the University of Ottawa hockey team my last year there.” When asked if he was ready to teach hockey to a university that had never had a hockey team before, Dough said, “It is a little nerve-wracking that I’m the first coach of SMSU Hockey, but I’ll teach hockey to anyone who is willing to learn. I’ll teach them what it’s all aboot and whip these students into fine athletes.”

Funding for the hockey team comes from The National Science Foundation (“Where Discoveries Begin.”) who graciously donated half a million dollars to SMSU. SMSU received a one-hundred thousand dollar grant from the State of Minnesota to use on the new hockey team. The National Hockey Association also chipped in estimated half a million dollars worth in hockey equipment.


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