SMSU Dance Team

The SMSU Dance Team started off the new semester with a new routine to show at the Jan. 12th and 13th Men’s and Women’s Basketball games.

This new routine was based more on the lyrical, well-known jazz style of dance. The dance was also considerably longer, and more difficult than previous routines the team had done. Another new aspect that made this dance intriguing was never before seen costumes.

With the new routine, the girls also performed their first dance they choreographed this year, which is a mix of hip hop and jazz. Since the team has a high experience level, each dance has increased in difficulty, which usually increases interest.

On Hawaiian Night, the dance team will debut the fourth dance they have created, which is a hip-hop dance for the Men’s Basketball Game. They will also be performing the jazz/lyrical dance for the Women’s Basketball game on that Saturday. If you missed that one previously, Friday or Saturday are the days to catch it!

The fifth and last routine that the SMSU Dance Team will be performing is a boy-girl partner dance, which is meant for the team to have fun with. It is usually not a routine that is high in difficulty, but is still entertaining to watch. This dance will take place on Friday, Feb. 16, and that day only. So, if any male student has a burning desire to be a part of the SMSU Dance Team for a day, find a member and see if they have a partner!

Students can like the SMSU Dance Team Facebook page to see their dances for both fall and winter team, catch updates, see when tryouts are and find contact information for the team.