Women’s Volleyball starts season of right

Erin Kasmarik-Mallett heads into her fourth season as SMSU’s women’s soccer coach.

“I’m really passionate about soccer. It’s one of those types things that I want to be able to share that passion and connect that passion with other players and other coaches,” said Kasmarik-Mallett.

“The biggest thing that we try to instill in our players is control of things that they can control,” Kasmarik-Mallett said. “Which are passion about the game, our attitude, our competitiveness, our grit. If we control those types of things they will lead to success.”

Kasmarik-Mallett is looking to continuing the team’s journey to success. She said she is optimistic about the team’s future and that she believes they are on the right path to success.

“This year we’re a great mix of some young and some old,” Kasmarik-Mallet said, “This year’s team has great chemistry on and off the field.”