The Spur

2018-2019 Staff

Lacey Barke

Lacey Barke

Lacey Barke has been a Spur staff writer since fall 2018. She worked spring semester 2019 as a student worker distributing papers and assisting with the print editing process before becoming Editor in Chief for the 2019-2020 school...

Sabrina Pankratz

Sabrina Pankratz

A former staff writer, Sabrina Pankratz is the current 2019-2020 commentary and managing editor for the Spur.

Hanna Vos

Hanna Vos

Hanna Vos is from a small town in Iowa called Kingsley. She is double-majoring in Sociology and Professional Writing & Communication. She aspires to enter the world of professional writing as an independent editor. Hanna began wr...

Emily Errico

Emily Errico is a staff writer for the SMSU Spur.

Maureen Ndubuisi

Maureen Ndubuisi is a staff writer for the Spur.

Dalton Dahl

Dalton Dahl is a staff writer for the spur from 2017-2019 fall semester.

Meghan Sullivan

Meghan Sullivan is a Professional Writing and Communication Major with a minor in Literature and Public Relations. Meghan grew up in Mason City, Iowa, which is located in the north central portion of the state. Meghan decided...

Collin Drey

Collin Drey is a staff writer for the SMSU Spur. Drey has been a staff writer since fall semester 2018. Drey is a sophomore majoring in professional writing and communications.

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