AOS Open Mic Night and BBQ

The first AOS open mic night of the year was moved indoors due to chilly weather and possible rain, but that didn’t stop students from attending. Rheanne Sabinske, a freshman on campus, attended with her friend, Olivia Chester, on Friday to enjoy the music.

“I just like that everyone is coming together,” Sabinske said.

Chester said she came because she thought the event was outside but was happy she still attended. “I just really like the music,” Chester said.

The move was decided by Andrea Cayo, the graduate assistant for the Access Opportunity Success (AOS) office, around 10 a.m. to get the word out about the venue change.

“I was really calling it close,” Cayo said. “This was a last-minute call. I came into the AOS office on my off Friday to make any final touches or decisions to the event. I stood outside of commons east starring at the sky for about 15 minutes hoping to get some type of epiphany about if I should change the location.”

Cayo said AOS started putting on the open mic night last year.

“I was able to organize about four open mics throughout the year and they were all pretty successful,” Cayo said. “I knew once the faculty started getting involved that the open mic night would be a hit.”

Cayo said that she tries to create a theme for the open mic night. “I always try and do a double Theme (i.e Bbq/open mic) so that people who don’t particularly feel like they have anything artsy to contribute would still feel accepted to attend. Food is always a must! It’s the catch all that gets people to come,” Cayo said.

Music plays a large part in the event, and Cayo said it the most important element. “It’s the music that creates the welcoming vibe that I strive for during the event,” Cayo said.

About 40+ people attended the physical event and around 70 attended the BBQ.

“As a creator, I just feel a sense of responsibility to help bring life to SMSU in any way possible,” Cayo said. “Even if it’s for just a few hours, I won’t student to attend my open mic events and say… “wow I’m happy I am here at SMSU!”