Diversity and Inclusion Committee to host “Engage 50”


Diversity and Inclusion team members, left to right, Faviola Cid, Victor Buwa and Cory Becker plan “Engage 50” Photo courtesy of Victor Buwa

Diversity and Inclusion Committee to host “Engage 50”

Engage 50. SMSU Student Association team members of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee have planned Engage 50, which is a “student-led discussion to identify student issues on campus.” The team has worked diligently to promote this event by hanging up posters all over campus and making promotional videos. They will also be doing tabling outside the cafeteria.

The strategically short name and vague posters are all done on purpose. The reason for being ambiguous was to get people curious. This event will be on November 18, 2019 at 7 p.m. in the Upper Conference Center. There will be round tables and an open floor for students of all backgrounds to voice their concerns.

The committee will take notes from the student-led event and eventually take them to SMSU President Jayasuriya to discuss the results from the event. During the event itself, faculty and other university staff are discouraged to attend. The committee’s goal behind this to promote 100% student-led discussion. The committee also wishes to ensure that student privacy is not a concern for those attending. Anything said at the event will be kept anonymous and will not be shared outside of the event.

While they are unsure of the exact food yet, the committee will also be catering. Additionally, the committee will be providing students with either a Snapchat filter or a public Snapchat story.

Those interested in attending should contact either Victor Buwa (507-530-6478 or [email protected]) or Cory Becker (507-766-6941 or [email protected]).