Spotlight 2020 Candidate of the Week: Amy Klobuchar


Cory Becker

Senator Klobuchar and the author at Klobuchar’s Breakfast in DC the week of President Trump’s inauguration.

Disclaimer: the author is not a spokesperson of this campaign or candidate. Issues are taken from the campaign website.

From now until we have run out of candidates, I will be doing a spotlight article on the different candidates running for President. As of October 24, 2019, there were 18 Democrats and 4 Republicans running for the nomination.

This week, the selected candidate is Minnesota’s own Senior United States Senator, Amy Klobuchar. She was elected as Minnesota’s first female Senator in 2006. She declared her candidacy for President on a snowy February afternoon in Minneapolis. Here she is on some of the issues-

  • Klobuchar supports universal health care for all people. She also is in favor of having changes to the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as ObamaCare.
  • Amy believes in investing in quality childcare as well as raising the minimum wage.
  • Senator Klobuchar is also committed to tackling the climate crisis and sees it as an urgent issue for America.
  • She believes that America needs to stand strong with our allies and respect our frontline troops
  • The final major issues on her campaign website is working on election security as well as ensuring all people who are eligible are registered to vote.

Senator Klobuchar has had a tough time fundraising and is deep down in the polls. According to an ABC News chart from October 15, Senator Klobuchar trialing in 8thplace out of 13 candidates reporting cash on hand ( She did however, meet the requirements for the November debate. Time will tell how much longer she remains. Is she running for President, or a cabinet position if the Democratic candidate wins?

For further information I encourage those interested to check out Senator Klobuchar’s social media pages and her official campaign website.