A Woman’s Tale: Winners of the Telling Women’s Stories Contest

Daniel O'Brien, A&E Editor

Three young women come up to the podium in turn.  Each one has come to share their stories.  As they speak, one realizes that these are not just their stories but that many women across the globe are represented here.
On the 28th of March, the 3rd annual Telling Women’s Stories contest was held at Southwest Minnesota State University for Women’s History Month.  The three winners came to read their works and accept their certificates.  First place went to Becky Cook for her short story “When We Forget.”  In second place was Meghan Harmening for her research essay “A Tsunami of Change: Four Waves of Feminism in the U.S.”  Third place went to Melissa Peterson for her poem “Elaine’s Earrings.”
About winning, Becky Cook said that “it is always an incredible feeling when complete strangers look at what you’ve written and think it is worth honoring. It was amazing that so many people came to the reading,” she said. “There was even laughter from the audience in spots that were supposed to be funny, and that is always a plus when reading in public.”
If you or someone you know would be interested in competing in the Telling Women’s Stories contest, the deadline has been in November for past contests.  Authors do not just have to be women; men are also welcome to submit their works.
Professor Susan McLean, the organizer of this event, said about writing for this competition that “the focus mainly just has to be on women and women’s experiences.”
If you desire more information about this contest, Professor McLean may be contacted at: [email protected]