And the William Whipple Scholarship goes to..

Hannah Kiges, Variety Editor

The William Whipple gallery is a point of pride on Southwest Minnesota State University’s campus. Not only does it showcase some amazing artwork, but the William Whipple Arts and Humanities scholarship provides lucky and talented students with some well-deserved and often needed money to continue schooling.
The scholarship is for students majoring or minoring in the arts or humanties. Students are nominated by a faculty member in their department, and then they go through a process of essays and interviews with the scholarship committee, and deep looks into past academic performance until they winner is chosen.
This year, creative writing student Cheyenne Marco was chosen to receive this prestigious scholarship. Known for her well-rounded writing and her bubbly attitude, Marco, who graduates this semester, recently enrolled at University of South Dakota Vermillion to begin working on her Master of Arts and English degree.
“It’s my goal to go on and get my PhD…eduation is so important, I want to be part of that process and hopefully impart a love of writing to college students.” Marco also has other plans for her career as well, “I like novel and screenwriting; I hope to one day see my name attached to a New York Times Bestseller and I’ll keep plugging away at it until I do.”
Few can argue that her tenacity and talent shouldn’t be awarded. The Spur wishes her luck on future endevors and encourage you to keep an eye out for Ms. Marco’s books in the future. To learn more about this scholarship, contact your department head.