Creatures of Color


Ross Pyka

Courageous Chicken Practicing Jumping Over an Egg

Kim Watkins, News Editor

With pops of bright reds and deep blues with hints of green, white, yellow and more, Elso Schiavo’s “Fantastic Creatures” exhibit brings an array of art to life.
The William Whipple Gallery at Southwest Minnesota State University is showing a collection by Swiss artist, Elso Schiavo. This artist is the first of many to have their works displayed in the gallery throughout the 2012-2013 school year.
Schiavo’s collection boasts some colorful pieces, one being the “Proud Mother Having Brought her Third Child Safely into the World.” This piece shows a motherly creature with a smaller version of it below her, with two of her other children standing beside her.
These creatures are a very popular one of Schiavo’s, being painted in several works. Some of these works are called “Playful Trunked Animal Playing with a Red Ball” and “Three Going out for a Gossip.”
Another significant creature is a familiar one – a pig. The piece, “A little Pig Laughing at What the Lemon Implies” features a giant pig with strong hues of pink and orange with splashes of various colored dots, with a lemon sitting in the pig’s mouth.
Schiavo is best known for using acrylic on linen for his pieces.