Slender Man is Here!


Ashlinn Thommes

Slender Man frightens SMSU students.

Daniel O'Brien, A&E Editor

-A student in Sweetland Hall has been missing since Oct. 25, and the disappearance is being investigated by police. Per orders of the investigation, the student’s identity is to remain anonymous for the time being. The following journal entry was discovered in the student’s dorm room on a computer that was left on. The Spur has been granted permission to publish the entry. Around campus this student was known to hold theories largely considered eccentric by many.-

He is not a video game creation. He is not an urban legend. The Slender Man IS REAL and he is here, RIGHT NOW, at SMSU.

I need to type quickly; I feel that my life will be lost very soon. Many consider me delusional. I am not, or at least I wasn’t until I started seeing that thing. I do not know what the entity known as the Slender Man is. His current appearance is a very tall, silent figure dressed in a business suit. His height can vary and he is sometimes seen with tentacles sprouting from his back. Perhaps the most horrific feature is his face, a featureless white face that seems to be tearing apart your very soul with its eyeless gaze. Just thinking of it nearly stops my heart.

I first encountered it as a small child, as all his victims do. I was at a park enjoying ice cream with my mother. The ice cream man had left his cart and he appeared in his place. I fled, screaming in terror. Ever since, I have not been able to even think of ice cream without panicking.

I have devoted my life to researching the Slender Man, and my need now is even greater since he has followed me to this campus. I believe him to be a fourth-dimensional being and not from the universe as we know it. Woodcarvings from Germany in the early 16th century depict a figure known as Der Ritter and the resemblance is uncanny. The figure is dressed as a knight (apparently he can change his appearance) and has skinny, skeletal appendages. I have even found an Egyptian hieroglyphic from around 3000 BCE of a slender figure with tentacles.

He seems to target victims in childhood, as he did me. From then on, he will stalk them into adulthood. His manner is very passive aggressive and he will mentally torture his victims until he finally takes them.

His method of attack primarily appears to be in the mind and this can produce physical symptoms. Victims experience delusion, headaches, extreme mood swings, memory loss, anxiety, and chest pain. Looking at his face only briefly can cause extreme fear and an uncontrollable desire to flee.

The Slender Man seems to “like” frequenting forested areas. I can no longer visit the nature trails on campus due to my last encounter. He is able to teleport from spot-to-spot and he would “charge” me whenever I turned my back on him. I was very nearly taken by him then.

No matter what others say I am not delusional about him. There is solid proof to his existence. Surveillance cameras do not work since his presence interferes with most electronic recording devices (which I conclude is due to the fourth-dimensional aura surrounding him). Taking a photograph is the only way to record his presence.

Furthermore, there have been multiple disappearance cases throughout this country that span decades.  A very good friend of mine from South Dakota State University recently confided to me that she was being followed by Slender Man.  Last week, she disappeared without a trace, and the investigation has turned no leads. I will miss her greatly.

I don’t know whether he absorbs his victims or just takes them to another place and kills them. I suspect the first. Maybe humans are his energy source in this dimension?

My time is growing short, I must finish quickly. I feel his malevolent presence growing nearer. So far, all anyone has been able to do is to run from him in vain. I have discovered a way that might defeat him. It involves       -The entry stops here. If anyone has any information that might shed light on this case, please contact the proper authorities.-