Get Some Booty at Casino Night

Hannah Kiges, Variety Editor

In an ancient time known as the 1970’s, Southwest Minnesota State University’s Casino Night was born. Since then it’s been a nearly annual tradition. According to ResLife coordinator Michael Kurowski, it’s SMSU’s biggest non-athletic event with between 400-600 students in attendance every year.
Last year Casino Night brewed up some witchy fun with a Harry Potter-themed Casino Night, but this year there’ll be booty and gold teeth abound. No, not a rap music video theme, but pirates! SMSU will be transformed into a pirate island straight out of the Caribbean on Thursday, Dec. 6th.
Food for the event is provided by the Student Hospitality Organization and Culinology Clubs, and Aramark provides appetizers and mocktails. This year the SHO and Culinology clubs will be unveiling a grand edible pirate-themed centerpiece, so be sure to stop by and sample it.
Casino Night brings all the fun and thrill of gambling without any of the day-after looking at your wallet and sobbing. Texas Hold ‘Em and black jack are among the card games offered. There are chance games like Roulette, and horse racing, several dice games, and even video games! Prizes include gift cards, iPods, Xboxes, spa days, and the like.
It’s not all fun and games, though. SMSU is using Casino Night to help bring attention to things like piracy and identity theft, as well as a little fun historical trivia on classical and modern day pirates.
So get ready to gather your booty! SMSU’s Casino Night is free to all students on Dec. 6th with doors opening at 7 pm.