Whipple Gallery Faculty Art Exhibit Features SMSU Professors’ Artwork: Work by Professor Hale and Other Artists on Display


Katie Stromme

"Monsters of Mythology" by John Sterner.

Krista Hoffbeck, Staff Writer

The William Whipple Art Gallery has brand new art on display. Typically there are about 12 different exhibitions a year and this time the gallery features art created by faculty. Alma Hale, a professor of art here at SMSU is one of those that have their art featured. His artwork includes six amazing drawings of a hand. Hale has always been interested in drawing people, whether they be cartoon or realistic. He likes that you can tell a lot about a person by their hands. Hale has enjoyed doing this project of drawing hands and would love to see a whole wall of them in the gallery one day. He also teaches a Figure Drawing class and likes to do the assignments that the students are doing and this was one of them.

When asked when he knew he wanted to be in art, he said “A long, long time ago.” He talked about how in kindergarten everyone is pretty much at the same level and that those who like art enough will stick with it. He was one of those kids. He was inspired a lot by his brother and by his junior year of high school, he realized he wanted to make a living with art. In college he decided to go into graphic design and later on he made the decision to go into teaching, so he finished up his graduate degree.

Besides being interested in drawing people in general, he is also very inspired by different techniques in art and also spiritually. Another piece of art he has made is called “Search, Ponder, and Pray.” This has the meaning behind it of coming up with answers.  When talking about his artwork in general, he says he loves color in his drawings and prefers pastel chalk over anything. He likes when his drawings look spontaneous, even when they’re not.

When asked how he balances between being a professor and creating his own art, he said “It’s a tough thing. Everyone has their own way of doing it.” He doesn’t have time to do art while at school, but he finds the time at home. Most of the art he does revolves around graphic design, although when the gallery puts on a show he gets motivated.

As Hale is away in Korea for sabbatical in the fall, he is hoping to make art inspired by the trip. He will also be doing photography while there, getting more materials, and writing his new book on graphic design principals. With more plans ahead for Hale, it will be exciting to see what he does next.