Sheldon Cru-per?


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New posters are up advertising for Cru, and once again I feel like they’re a little odd.  Come on guys, we talked about this last semester.  Using Barney Stinson as a Cru poster boy doesn’t work because he exemplifies plenty of un-Christian values.  So you think Sheldon Cooper is any better?  If you’ve ever watched Sheldon interact with his strongly Christian mother, you’d know that he frequently makes fun of her for her illogical views.  Some quotes to send the point home: “Why hast thou forsaken me, O deity whose existance I doubt,” and “thanks to you I’ll spend the rest of my life here in Texas trying to teach evolution to creationists.” Not exactly Christian sentiments.

What’s next?  Having Dexter on a poster with the caption: “Come to Cru, you’ll have a killer time”?  Actually, that’s kind of clever.  I wouldn’t fault you for that.

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