Club Spotlight: Chemistry Club

Some students may be averse toward the complicated nature of science, but many see it as containing truth, meaning and wonder. If science is important in your life, you may want to consider joining Chemistry Club.

Megan Bruns, the current president of Chemistry Club, shed some light on what Chemistry Club does within the SMSU community.

“We bring science professionals to campus to speak and share their knowledge, as well as travel to the National American Chemical Society Conference in the Spring,” Bruns said.

“We often do shows and hands-on activities for schools in Marshall and the surrounding communities. But we also do public shows on campus, too.”

Joining Chemistry Club doesn’t mean only doing projects and putting on shows. It is a worthy note that Chemistry Club travels to many places in addition to their other activities.

“Students involved with the club and who work on projects with professors get to go to San Francisco this year in April,” Bruns said.

“In the past we have toured graduate schools like North Dakota State University and this year we will be touring the GEAR center in Sioux Falls.”

Even if science, events or traveling doesn’t pique your interest, hopefully you can tolerate some lactose.

“We enjoy making liquid nitrogen ice-cream,” Bruns said.

Some students may find wonder in science, but that’s not the only reason to consider joining Chemistry Club. Traveling, events, and ice-cream are all additional benefits of joining.

Although science is the central theme of the club, there is nothing preventing the Chemistry Club from having fun.

The Chemistry Club’s motto is, “Changing the world one hydrogen balloon at a time!”

Chemistry Club meets at noon on Thursdays in SM 269. Chemistry Club is having a fundraiser on February 13 and 14 selling Crush floats in the BA/CH link from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. with homemade liquid nitrogen ice-cream.