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SMSU’s nudist dorm update


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During March 2016, The Spur ran an article about the new Living and Learning Community (LLC): the nudist dorm in Kamasutra.

The response to having a nudist dorm on campus was so great that leaders within SMSU came together and pitched an idea to the Senate of Students: Why not make the entire SMSU campus a nudist-friendly place?

“I think that it’s a great idea, if a lot of the students want something like this. There should be a poll coming out soon, I think, so be sure to tell students about that,” sophomore Elizabeth Elliott said.

This was a change in Elliott’s opinion from a year ago. Last year she said, “I’m all for new experiences, and I expected to see some weird things in college, but not a nudist colony. I mean, [what] are they going to do. . . run around naked in the dorm?”

When asked about the change in her opinion, Elliott said, “People change, you know?”

It is uncertain how the nudist policy will be enforced or if it is optional, but more information will come over the next few months.

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SMSU’s nudist dorm update