Spotlight: Chemistry Club


The Chemistry Club is starting this year with many new faces. Last year, many of the club members were graduating seniors and the club is excited to continue to promote chemistry with these new members. “So far, I think we have another fantastic group of individuals in the club, everyone has a different background academically so it is nice to be able to collaborate and use our skills together,” says club president Victoria Henry.

  The main activity the club does is put on reaction shows. The club has previously put on shows for local schools to get kids interested in chemistry. They also have two reaction shows on campus, the first of which was on Family Weekend here on campus.

A major focus of the club is to get kids interested in chemistry, so the club does many hands-on activities with children. This year the club is looking at branching out into other demographics as well. The club will be traveling to Dawson for the first time to put on a show for Veteran’s day. The Chemistry Club also hopes to visit a nursing home this year and do other hands-on activates with the residents.

In addition to the reaction shows, the club has weekly meetings on campus. The Chemistry Club stays active with many fun and interesting activities that include participating in the Homecoming Parade, ACS webinars and the Spring National ACS meeting. The club also invites local chemists and alumni to speak and does community outreach such as highway cleanups.

All majors are welcome to join.  “We want people to know that you don’t have to be a chem. [Chemistry] major to join, you just have to be able to follow directions,” said Henry. Meetings are held every Thursday at noon in SM 269.

Victoria can be reached at [email protected]edu.