Club Spotlight: Dungeons and Dragons

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Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop game where friends get together and play out fantastic adventures with swashbuckling, player-created heroes and dastardly villains. They are led on these quests by a Dungeon Master, a chosen friend who creates the narrative and controls the world around the other players’ characters. As I’ve learned, it’s a very fun experience that brings people together and forces your imagination to run wild. Luckily for SMSU, we have it.

Dungeons and Dragons Club meets on Thursdays from 12 – 1 PM in SM 169. It’s led by Club President Jonathan Raatz and Vice President Shawn Valez. At the moment, the club has around 30 members and a small office they use to store adventure guides and organize groups.

Meetings start out at a round table and talk about upcoming games or ongoing adventures, with time allotments to try and ensure that anyone who wants to be in a game has the option and the chance. After that, and some stories about the outlandish adventures (or more often, misadventures) that occurred in the week’s sessions, they move on to the discussion portion of the meeting where they talk about a game topic that had been voted on in the last week’s meeting. Topics can cover anything from creating a character to playing an archetype, writing a narrative, to even fighting a dragon or any other fantastical ideas your Dungeon Master has up their sleeve.

Not only are meetings a great place to get involved in the club, they’re also an awesome place to learn more about the mechanics behind creating a story or a game. Dungeon Masters in particular make great storytellers, and it’s quite interesting to learn about how each one weaves a story together and uses different techniques to keep their players engaged and satisfied.

Dungeons and Dragons Club is a well-run club that’s dedicated to having a great time while adventuring through the infinite lands of our imagination. Whether you’re an experienced player looking for a party or a total newcomer just interested in seeing what it’s all about, SMSU’s own DnD club is a fantastical opportunity for you.