Out of the Past

40 years ago:

Seeing as how Sunrise Court is closing on October 19th, this blast from the past is timely. The old student housing unit, called the “Village”, was run by a corporation out of Minneapolis called Pemtom Inc. They closed during the end of the school year in 1974. Low enrollment was the deciding factor for the closure of the unit. The college population at the time was around 4,500.

30 years ago:

Campus life was hard during 1984, so much so that the Residential Life Committee had to clarify some of their rules. The first rule; absolutely no small, medium, or large quantites of alcohol on campus. Students apparently weren’t sure how large of a bottle they could bring to their dorm rooms . Rule two states that no physical activites may be used in initation into a campus club or fraternity. Rule 3 is pheraps the most important one of all, avoid public humiliation. Jump over like a puddle, walk around it like a coffee spill on the floor. The author, who shall remain unnamed stated “Embarassment is okay, but no humiliation.”

20 years ago:

The Perceptions Club started showing art in the Whipple Gallery. Most of the artwork had photo like qualities to them with brought in a large amount of students. One of the artworks is featured above. James Dahl and Ross Zirckle.

10 years ago:

A new student center at SMSU during the year of 2003. After a fire during 2002, students were in dire need of a new cafeteria.The building estimated budget was up at $1.3 million, but Director of Facilities, Cyndi Holm dropped that number to $52,000.

4 years ago:

There was a Pro-Life protest on Main St. through Marshall. A group know as The Life Chain orchestrated the event. They recruited members from local churches to come out and protest with them. The Life Chain also put on other porotest around southwest Minneosta.